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This is my first post in English and it is dedicated to the beginning of the new Dexter’s Season, the eighth. You would understand that I won’t translate all my French posts in Shakespeare’s language because some of them would be simply pointless for you English…

This English post is about to deal with a TV Show I consider almost perfect. Never I have been marked by such an intense TV Show! Dexter has just begun his eighth and last season on American Showtime channel.

Before talking about this season 8, I would like to come back on the TV Show strictly speaking. Who could have thought that we could appreciate a serial killer? A few. It is exactly the strength of this TV Show. Dexter does kill people (I cannot hide this from you…) but he follows and obeys to a “code” that his own father taught him. To sum-up, Dexter only kills “bad” people. In his way, he is kind of a super-hero. I am not telling anything else: I let you discover it and enjoy it. I am sure you will like it!

Moreover, actors are perfect and the screenplay does not show any weaknesses. Indeed, so many episodes with such suspense, intensity and twists in the situation. Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are amazing. In my opinion, the bad one is the third, surely due to my taste… The size of 13 episodes of 54 min is essential in the success of the TV Show. We are never bored and the intensity is constant. We have barely begun to enter the theme of the season that the intensity cannot stop rising until the fireworks of the season’s finale. No need to tell that the suspense which cannot be more oppressing around the ninth episode of each season prevails to the end. I am trying to find a TV Show which is as good as Dexter but I just cannot. Any other TV Show has at least two episodes boring, especially those with the 24x42min size.

I hope that my view will give you the necessity to discover or rediscover Dexter… For those who have not seen Dexter (yet) and the last season, this post will stop here. The next part will deal with spoilers! Do not hesitate to leave a comment when you watch Dexter!


The second purpose of this post is about the beginning of the season 8 (two first episodes). This season seems to be explosive… The first episode sets the scene: Dexter and Debra do not talk to each other anymore. She is self-destroying whereas he is losing his nerves which will not make him a common killer, not the “perfect” serial killer he has been. It is exactly the words used by the eccentric Dr Vogel. She knows anything about Dexter and she introduced herself as his “creator”. She is a specialist in psychopaths and was an adviser with Dexter’s father, in order to save Dexter from psychiatric institution. Dexter seems to be lost and she wants him to help her to find THE killer of this season 8. The latter could even be a former patient of the physician. What do we have to think about it?  It is hard to tell. Nevertheless, the relationship between Dexter and the Doctor is very ambiguous, and I think we are right to worry about him.

In my opinion, this Doctor is not trustworthy and could be the killer we are looking for this season. Her disturbing adoration for these people, “necessary” and “perfect” –talking about serial killers…-, cannot be a coincidence. Moreover, in the second episode, Dr Vogel is right about the killer whereas Dexter is not. We can notice it because it is very unusual. That is the reason I think she is the killer and she recorded the video.

Another theory could be that she is trying to create THE perfect serial killer. To do so, she has tried various methods and she wants now to confront them to know which one is the best. Dexter is just a guinea pig who will fight for his life.

Dexter saison 8 : dernier tour pour le serial killer

We will see what the scriptwriters have thought up! Many stories are still possible and that was what we expected! Do not hesitate to comment on this season 8 but please warn people before posting. Thank you for your reading and see you soon! Have a killer day!

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  1. Dexter Season 8 DVD would be the last, executive producer Scott Buck stated that "while Dexter season 8 will be treated as the final season, there’s still a chance that the show could continue into season 9" indicating that Dexter could go beyond season 8.Dexter DVD Season 8 guest stars will include Charlotte Rampling as a neuro-psychiatrist specializing in child psychopaths and Sean Patrick Flanery as Jacob Elroy


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